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Lunar Pens


Why let Astronauts have all the fun?

You might not be able to visit the Moon, but these lovely pens are a close second. These regolith filled pens contain the component ingredients, Basalt and Anorthosite, found on Earth that represent the mineral ratios discovered by Astronauts on the Moon.

Lets get down to the basics:

The White Pen contain Mare Simulant (dark brown/black regolith) and is representative of the dark portions of the Moon.

The Black Pen contains Highland Simulant (light gray/white regolith) and is representative of the light portions of the Moon.

Pens write with black ink, and the tip retracts and extends by twisting the conical tip.

Neil might have taken one step for Man, but you can own your own Lunar Pen for Mankind.

Black Highland Lunar Pen $14.99

White Mare Lunar Pen $14.99

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